In Olde Ireland, the word “Pub” was short for Public House. Public Houses were used as Gathering Spots for Friends and Neighbors to catch up on the Latest News, Gossip, and discuss the Events of the day, as well as for conducting Meetings and holding Worship Services. They were also Social Spots where one could…  

Partake of the Barley!

These Houses were often Living Quarters that expanded with additions to the building as business dictated. At Dublin’s Irish Pub we’ve tried to Replicate the Atmosphere you would experience in Ireland. The Irish refer to this as “Craic” (Crack), which means to create an Environment of Class, Comfort, Fun and Excitement… in Ireland “The Craic”.

Throughout our social media you will note Several Slogans written in Gaelic, following is the translation into English… “Cead Mile Failte” (100,000 Welcomes), “Dambsa” (Dance or Celebrate Life),  “An Broc Shebeen” (The Badger Drinking Den), “An Kayleigh Seomra” (The Party Room), “An Poitin Stil”  (The Whiskey Still”), “Slainte” (Cheers or Here’s to Your Health), “Erin Go Braugh” (Here’s to the Sons & Daughters of Ireland who Now Live in America).

Visit us in Oshkosh to see what “Pub Life” is all about in Ireland. We hope you Enjoy Your Visit and share in the Camaraderie while partaking of Our Food and Beverage.   Please let us know what we can do to…  Enhance Your Stay!             

Slainte! (To your health.)