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Owners: Todd and Jamie (Smith) Ceman  and David and Kristen Toman

Up until now, Dublin’s was an irish pub. We feel an irish pub is a warm, welcoming place where people socialize, relax, tell stories, and exchange gossip and rumors over a pint. Dublin’s Irish Pub, our first location, brings a bit of Ireland to Oshkosh, WI with an authentic, warm and welcoming teach tabhairne (“tavern-house”). This was the vision for Dublin’s.

Now, with a beautifully renovated building in West Bend, the vision is similar but the space is very different. The house, which held the Binkery until 2012, has moved locations and been renovated several times since its construction in the early 1900s and has undergone another significant renovation this past spring.

The property, now Dublin’s, will have more dining room seating with dining now available on the first and second level, including an additional bar on the second level. The outdoor patio area has been expanded and a new natural wood burning, full masonry fireplace has been installed. Upon completion of the patio, a unique custom 6’ fence will surround the entire outdoor seating area.

The atmosphere will be Irish. Drinks that provide the true flavor of Ireland are essential, such as Guinness, Harp, Jameson, Bushmills and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Distinctive Irish recipes and food are another important part of Irish pub life, attracting custom and adding ambiance. With over 30 selections of craft beer on tap, you can’t find a better place in Wisconsin for an ice cold beer. Food that will be a great mix of Irish faire and wonderful American cuisine.

People have asked “Why Dublin’s?” – the answer is simple. What better represents Ireland than the capital city, a city over 1000 years old full of history and culture? In order to stay true to Ireland we honored our pub, and new restaurant, with a name that truly represents its finest city.

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